All you need to know about fermented skincare.

All you need to know about fermented skincare.

We’ve been talking about fermentation (a lot). But why does this natural process matter? Let us break it down for you, just like our microbes break down macromolecules. 

What is fermentation, exactly?

Fermentation is a natural process by which microbes (bacteria and fungi) break down organic complex molecules into simpler ones.  It is a natural way of unlocking and optimizing the bioavailability of vitamins, essential amino acids, various bioactive peptides, and antioxidants.

Let’s think about the gut. There’s endless evidence linking the consumption of fermented foods to improved gut health and overall well being. This introduction of live and active microbes (probiotics) leads to higher levels of microbial diversity, corresponding to improved resilience and the body’s ability to ward off disease. By increasing the diversity of good bacteria in the gut, we reset the metabolic potential of our gut microbiome and protect ourselves against chronic disease, promoting longevity.

Our in-house team of PhD microbiologists realized they could apply this logic to our skin. When applied topically, fermented oils (postbiotics) reap the same rewards: improved skin health and resilience. By fermenting our oils, we actively supercharge the already-present vitamins and nutrients. This is how we achieve the highest levels of phytosterols and tocopherols, unlocking naturally occurring retinoids that would otherwise not be bioavailable to the skin. It is the key to using fewer ingredients without sacrificing efficacy.

What is involved in Symbiome’s fermentation process?

We start with Amazonian native plants. The fermentation process begins when we add our unique blend of microbes – sourced directly from the plant’s biosphere and cold-pressed through our proprietary Postbiomic™ process. We craft the fermentation process for various plants to mimic and optimize the natural conditions of the Amazonian rainforest. Preserving the evolutionary symbiome between plants and their native microbes ensures the direct transfer of microbial benefits directly to your skin, just as nature intended. Once the fermentation is complete, we separate the oils from the raw plant extracts and the live microbes.

Ultimately, it is the combination of intentional ingredients and proprietary fermentation that allows our team to craft the most nourishing and bioavailable oils: where nutrient-dense molecules reach deeper layers of your skin for more impactful, sustaining results.

See table below for the benefits of fermented Sanoma Flower Oil, a key ingredient in The Luminary eye cream.

Fermented Sanoma Flower Oil

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