Why we created Symbiome Labs.

We live in an age of epidemic inflammatory disease — where six out of ten of us have a chronic disease with an inflammatory component. Symbiome’s deep scientific research has revealed that the modern human skin microbiome has lost over 80% of its microbial diversity and at least 25% of its metabolic function. Yes — our microbiome used to make a lot of the biomolecules (nutrients, vitamins, etc.) that we need to be healthy. We believe that this loss of function significantly contributes to the recent dramatic increase in chronic inflammatory disease.

The research behind Symbiome Labs.

Symbiome’s in-house team of microbiome experts, microbiologists, and doctors, has built the most detailed and comprehensive map of the ancestral human skin microbiome (this was when our microbiome was thriving and humans did not have the majority of inflammatory conditions we see today). This is our blueprint — our reference point and the roadmap we are using to build simple, yet effective formulations that restore lost function, rebuild lost resilience, and optimize our health.

Symbiome Labs is a collaboration between Symbiome’s scientists, academic researchers, and the community at large.

What we do.

Scientific and Applied Research:

Symbiome Labs engages in research of the structure, function, systems, and evolutionary biology of the human microbiome. Our collaborators include some of the top academic researchers. These collaborations include academic institutions, companies, and organizations where we believe that we can have a meaningful and positive impact.


The science of the microbiome and its complex relationship with humans and the natural world is just in its infancy. The past 20 years have brought significant advances in our understanding, but it’s still early and there is much more to be discovered. Symbiome Labs is committed to upholding rigorous standards of scientific practice and stewardship of this transformative science. We strive to serve as a resource for clear, concise, and accurate evidence-based information that is useful and actionable. In addition to publishing our research in peer-reviewed scientific journals to advance the science of the microbiome, we will report our work in a form that is accessible to the general public to help people make better, more healthful decisions.

Product Trials:

Symbiome Labs has developed a rigorous clinical research platform to conduct in-house, real-world, evidence-based clinical trials to optimize and validate our ingredients and products. This ongoing process provides evidence of the effectiveness of Symbiome products in the way that they are actually used within the community. We welcome your participation in this process and invite you to join the Symbiome Labs collaborative.



What is a Symbiome trial?

At Symbiome, we are developing evidence-based skincare. So, what does that really mean? Our trials are opportunities for our community members to participate in studies where we seek to understand the efficacy of our products. While each product is deemed safe prior to a trial, we use the studies to gather even more performance data. This is also an opportunity for the trial participant to try products that aren't yet available for purchase.

Why should I join?

If you are interested in microbiome-based products and want to be part of a community of individuals looking to improve their health — starting with their skin — then a Symbiome trial is right for you.

How do I join a trial?

Fill out our initial survey about your skin. We will review each survey to determine eligibility and match people with appropriate trials as they become available. You will be contacted if our team has found a trial that is right for you!

Is it free?

All trials are free to join. We just ask that you contribute to our collective learning by completing surveys every week so we can learn more about your progress. You can also reach out to our team with any questions or concerns at any time at hello@symbiome.com.

Will I get paid?

We do not pay our community members to participate in our trials. In exchange for your participation, you will become a part of the Symbiome Community and receive free skincare products throughout your trial. Additionally, you will receive exclusive access to upcoming trials and early access to new product launches. Your involvement is completely voluntary and you can exit your trial at any time by contacting us at hello@symbiome.com.

What do I need to do during the study?

During the trial, we ask that you use the product(s) as directed. You will also be asked to complete weekly surveys to assess your progress during the trial journey. In order for you to qualify for future trials, we require you to complete all surveys.