Perimenopause Skincare Routine

Perimenopause Skincare Routine

Experiencing unwanted changes from hormonal fluctuations is nothing new. We’ve all been there. But noticeable skin changes can be more prominent in women, since reproductive hormones greatly influence our physiology and well-being. 

If you’ve been experiencing unexpected or confounding changes to your skin, it could be perimenopause. 

What is perimenopause?

Perimenopause, the natural transition to menopause, usually starts for women in their 40s. It’s when the ovaries gradually begin to make less estrogen, and menstrual cycles become erratic and irregular. Menopause is later marked by a full year without a menstrual cycle. It comes with much more than a sudden onset of hot flashes – it's also a challenging time for your skin.

How does perimenopause affect your skin?

Estrogen (estradiol) is vital in keeping skin supple, elastic, and smooth. That reduction of estrogen, and the changing ratios of hormones, slows down your skin's oil production, altering your skin microbiome. As the body attempts to adjust to these new hormone levels, your skin will have a reduced ability to retain moisture, causing further problems.

Although every woman’s journey to menopause is different – depending on genetics, existing skin health, and lifestyle – this time is inevitably marked by noticeable skin changes. You may notice dryness from moisture loss, redness and sensitivity due to a thinning skin barrier, clogged pores, visible sagging, or hyperpigmentation due to increased melanin, arising from hormonal imbalance and harmful sun exposure. 

Whatever your skin changes may be, it’s likely time to reconsider your trusted skincare routine to best address these inescapable side effects.

How to care for your skin during perimenopause?

Perimenopause is the time to strengthen your skin barrier, lock in moisture, and focus on replenishing the already depleted collagen stores in the skin. Thankfully, with Symbiome, finding balance and maintaining healthy radiance is possible. 


Incorporate an oil-based cleanser to gently melt away impurities and buildup from the day without stripping the skin’s natural protective lipids. The Renewal Daily Cleanser has been a luxurious hero for troublesome skin, combatting dullness and ensuring skin’s barrier is properly nourished. Even those with oily skin types can benefit from an oil cleanse, as it helps to down-regulate excess sebum production and restore a healthy balance. 


Try products rich in naturally-derived retinoids or Stem Cell Conditioned Media, which help to stimulate collagen production while being very gentle on the skin. The Answer Reparative serum is a particularly powerful reparative solution for uneven skin tone, fine lines and additional defense against skin sagging. 


Opt for a “no-added-fragrance” moisturizer to help retain hydration and prevent unnecessary irritation. Making the switch to The One Restorative Cream helps improve your skin’s overall radiance and skin suppleness, simultaneously alleviating unwanted redness, as the intentional formula doesn’t expose you to sensitizing ingredients. 

Eye Cream

With collagen and elastin being impacted by perimenopause, investing in a nourishing eye cream is essential. Deliver the fast-acting compounds your delicate skin deserves with The Luminary Replenishing Eye Cream. From natural retinoids to caffeine content, you can mitigate damage and smooth away fine lines as well as unwanted dark circles. 

Sun Screen (at morning) & Face Oil (at night)

It goes without saying, but use sunscreen every day – regardless of the weather. Adding hats and sunglasses to your sun protection regimen provides an additional defense against the sun’s harsh rays when you’re on the go. 

In the evenings, locking in the previous products can make a world of difference. Double-down on moisturization and improve texture with Rewind003 age-defying face oil. This best-selling Amazonian botanical blend is silky on skin, absorbing to deeper layers for a radiance you can’t help but notice. 

Facial Massage

Part of the skincare ritual during perimenopause and beyond comes in the form of facial massage and other stimulating, slow-aging tools. Use your Rewind003 face oil before reaching for a red light device, or gliding a face sculpting tool in upward motions over skin. Be sure to avoid pulling down or aggressive motions in the process!

To wrap it up

Both aging and menopause are a natural part of life. It is not our objective, nor is it realistic, to expect a reversal in the aging process, or to assume one product will erase years of sun damage, or that you can smooth away the beautiful laugh lines we all are lucky to possess. 

The important tenet is to do right by yourself and your skin. And that starts with proven, science-first ingredients that work harder and absorb deeply. With Symbiome, you have confidence that your skin is maximally supported through perimenopause, while being comfortable and calm in the skin you’re in.