The power of fermentation

The power of fermentation

We are all familiar with fermented foods, such as kombucha, miso, and sauerkraut. Their consumption boosts our gut health and overall wellbeing. In the broadest sense, fermentation is the natural process by which microorganisms in the environment consume plants as food. They create a wide range of easily absorbable beneficial molecules during this process — essentially supercharging a plant extract.

At Symbiome, we architect the fermentation of sustainably sourced plants from Amazonia. Using a proprietary blend of native microbes, we harness the rich products of this process, which include vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients.

What is fermentation?

Fermentation is a natural process by which microbes (bacteria and fungi) break down organic macromolecules into simpler ones. In the environment, this process composts organic matter into accessible nutrients. It is a constant and integral process of nature in cycling the building blocks of life — that we, humans, have learned to adapt and harvest.

Using fermented products on the skin is not a new invention.

Although the use of fermented products in skincare may seem novel — humans have been using ferments on their skin for centuries. In Ancient Egypt, Queen Cleopatra used ferments to improve the appearance and texture of her skin — an ancient practice that is being resurrected by the modern beauty industry.

What are the benefits of ferments in skincare?

Fermentation is a natural way of unlocking and optimizing the bioavailability of vitamins, essential amino acids, various bioactive peptides, and antioxidants.

When it comes to natural skin products, fermentation increases the nutrient density of the product, making it more potent.

As such, incorporating ferments into your skincare routine helps naturally support the maintenance of healthy, vibrant skin.

Not all fermented ingredients are the same.

The starting plant material available for microbial consumption, the assortment of organisms, and the conditions of fermentation are the factors that influence the production of desirable biochemical changes responsible for the health benefits of each fermented ingredient. In more simple terms, the type of organisms and what you feed them determine the ferment's final composition.

We craft the fermentation process for various plants to mimic and optimize the natural conditions of the Amazonian rainforest — bringing the microbial benefits of nature directly to your skin.

The science behind Symbiome’s Postbiomic™ fermented oils.

We derive our oils from fermented, sustainably sourced native plants — in a process much like the art of winemaking. Our microbiology team architects the fermentation process for each ingredient by selecting a specific microbe blend directly from the plants’ biosphere — preserving the evolutionary union between plants and their native microbes. This approach optimizes the beneficial molecules released during fermentation. When the fermentation is complete, we separate the oils from the raw plant extracts and the live microbes.

The resulting products — our Postbiomic™ Oils — contain a complex and dense variety of bioactive molecules with optimal bioavailability, each intentionally crafted to nurture your skin — the way nature intended.


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