We are Symbiome.

We are Symbiome.

We have been programmed to seek the next best thing. As it pertains to skincare, we’re on a quest for some new ingredient, formulation, or procedure that will make our skin brighter, younger-looking, clearer — flawless.

Stress and anxiety are on the rise these days, leading to breakouts and other new skincare concerns, such as maskne. To combat this, we end up conducting uncontrolled science experiments on our face by applying multiple products with questionable combinations of ingredients, which can lead to sensitivity and even more issues.

Even with constant research, it can be hard to know as a consumer what is truly clean, safe, and good for your skin.

Healthy skin

We started Symbiome in 2017 to create better skincare with health and efficacy as the main design principles. With a team of microbiome scientists, microbiology PhDs, and doctors, everything we do is a reflection of our commitment to minimal yet effective skincare enabled by rigorous scientific research, guided by the thriving microbiome of the past, and empowered by intact biological ingredients from the Amazon.

Our science is informed by a look into our past. Recent advancements in genomics and genetic sequencing have provided the tools. Our research has given us the beginning of a blueprint that informs what is missing in our modern skin microbiome.

We know that our microbiome used to significantly support the skin by making many of the nutrients, vitamins, and other biomolecules needed for us to maintain healthy, clean, and clear complexions. As a function of living in cities and being more disconnected from nature, our microbiomes have fundamentally changed and no longer support us the way they once did — so now we find ourselves putting on creams, serums, and oils with lab-made ingredients trying to solve problems we shouldn’t have.

We have identified what our skin microbiome used to make on its own and are committed to returning those nutrients naturally through products formulated with supercharged fermented ingredients.

While we may not be able to replace missing microbes or rebuild our historically thriving skin microbiome, we can naturally restore its contribution to our health — the vitamins, nutrients, and essential fatty acids — that our skin once produced on its own.

Each Symbiome product is created with fewer than 10 clean, organic, traceable, and sustainable ingredients. Our patented Postbiomic™ fermentation and BioIntact™ emulsion processes use the power of ancestral, native microbes to optimize and deliver potent, bioavailable nutrients and enzymes to bolster skin barrier function and boost hydration as well as address other skin needs for long-lasting beautiful, clear, and healthy skin.


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