What are postbiotics and how are they beneficial for your skin?

What are postbiotics and how are they beneficial for your skin?

Social media is buzzing about microbial supplements these days, in relation to the food we eat and the cosmetic ingredients we use on our skin. The scientific terms, the “biotics,” are often incorrectly or interchangeably used – so if you find yourself confused, know you are not alone. 

There is logic to this madness, and new scientific discoveries confirm that the right products provide a host of benefits to maintain your healthiest skin state. So, what are these “biotics”? How are they different, and why are “postbiotics” (the late-comer to the game) being crowned the best? 

What are pre-, pro- and post-biotics?

Probiotic – Live beneficial microorganisms.

Prebiotic – Nutrients that selectively feed beneficial microorganisms.

Postbiotic – Non-living beneficial microbes or metabolic by-products produced during fermentation by probiotic bacteria.

How do pre-, pro- and post-biotics interact with your skin?

Probiotics – These live microbes integrate with the microbes already residing on your skin (your skin microbiome) – making these communities perform better “housekeeping” tasks such as maintenance of barrier function, acidification of skin and keeping pathogens at bay.

Prebiotics – Serve as food to grow the beneficial microbes on your skin (these are sometimes supplied together with probiotics) – enhancing your microbiome. 

Postbiotics – Unlike the pre- and pro- biotics which work with your existing skin microbiome, postbiotics essentially bypass your skin microbiome by communicating with the skin directly via bioactive molecules. As a bonus, postbiotics also provide prebiotics – so technically they too “work” to improve the performance of resident microbes on your skin.  

Why did Symbiome choose to work with postbiotics (as opposed to pre/probiotics)? 

Our research shows that our westernized lifestyle has depleted our skin microbiome and consequently diminished its metabolic productivity. As such, we know that supplementing our skin with beneficial microbial products (in the form of postbiotic ferments) is an effective strategy to replenish what our skin has lost and restore a resilient state. 

What are some of the benefits of postbiotics for your skin?

Postbiotics are rich in bioactive molecules which are easily absorbed into your skin - such as enzymes, antioxidants, antimicrobial peptides, anti-inflammatory fatty acids, vitamins and organic acids – which nurture, support and restore the health of our skin. Additionally, Postbiomic™ is a form of postbiotic that restores missing or deficient skin microbiome functionality to support skin health. 

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