What is a BioIntact Emulsion?

What is a BioIntact Emulsion?

We have received a number of questions asking about our revolutionary BioIntact emulsion, The One Cream. Many have asked how it is possible to make a stable emulsion with only three ingredients. Emulsions are difficult to form and even more difficult to stabilize because oil and water don’t mix. Most cosmetic lotions and creams require 6 or more ingredients just to stabilize the emulsion, and then more ingredients to add texture, activity, and fragrance. Our BioIntact emulsion accomplishes all of this with only three.

Let's start with the basics. Emulsions are tiny droplets of oil suspended in water but they are unstable. No matter how hard you shake the oil and vinegar salad dressing, the tiny droplets of oil will coalesce into larger and larger drops, and ultimately reforming the oil will be floating on top of the water. Emulsifiers are part oily and part wet ingredients. The oily part blends with the oil and the wet part modifies the surface of the tiny oil droplets so that they remain suspended in the water and don’t coalesce.

Up until now, all cosmetic creams and lotions in the market are blends of oils and fatty alcohols in water, stabilized by synthetic (man-made) emulsifiers. These ingredients are heated to about 160 ℉ and blended with a mixture of active ingredients, fragrances, stabilizers, and preservatives. Most have 20 or more ingredients. Many of those ingredients are synthetic chemicals, created in plants. Not the kind of plant you’re thinking of but, rather, industrial chemical plants. The chemistry of cosmetic emulsions is a clever modern human invention but is not natural. Nothing even close to it ever existed anywhere in nature.

Our BioIntact emulsion is also a clever modern human invention — but one that harnesses the power of microbes to naturally subvert the traditionally impossible.

Symbiome’s BioIntact emulsion is made possible by harnessing the power of microbes. Our proprietary Lactobacillus Ferment is a unique postbiotic, produced by a community of Lactobacillus species. It is rich in the full spectrum of naturally occurring bioemulsifiers, lipids, polysaccharides, actives, and bacteriocins, nature’s own preservative system. Bacteria have evolved a seemingly endless range of natural bioemulsifiers including biosurfactants, lipids, glycerides, polysaccharides, and many, many others. This shouldn’t be too surprising since emulsifying oil in water is an ancient chemistry problem and bacteria have been working on it for billions of years.

The naturally occurring bioemulsifiers in Symbiome’s Lactobacillus Ferment combine synergistically with our Postbiomic Sanoma oil to coat and stabilize the tiny droplets of oil so that they don’t coalesce into larger droplets. The natural polysaccharides form a three-dimensional matrix that thickens the cream and further stabilizes the emulsion. And bacteriocins are powerful natural preservatives. The One Cream is the first of our self-stabilizing, self-preserving, cold-processed BioIntact emulsions. The combined effect of this process is a rich, hydrating, and luxurious cream, formulated with only three intentional ingredients - water, Postbiomic Sanoma oil, and our proprietary Lactobacillus Ferment.

Just as important, our BioIntact emulsion is a cold-process formulation. This means that, unlike synthetic cosmetic emulsions, BioIntact emulsions are never heated, assuring the full potency of our unique ingredients and reducing our carbon footprint.

Despite the unprecedented simplicity of our ingredient list, Symbiome’s BioIntact emulsion contains a complete, and naturally balanced range of fatty acids, lipids, antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients. These biomolecules are unlocked by Postbiomic fermentation of sustainably harvested plants from Amazonia, restoring ancient connections between humans, plants, and microbes.

Impossible? I thought so too. Impossible for us, easy for bacteria. Think like a bacteria!


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