Less is more.

Less is more.

At the heart of Symbiome is our understanding that the modern world — our advancements in science, technology, agriculture — has not come without a price. The byproducts of innovation, from fossil fuels to deforestation, have had a substantial impact on the health of our planet.

Developments in the field of genomics have allowed us to go back in time and understand how our microbiome has been altered from its original healthy state. We know that our environment directly impacts our health and the health of our microbiome, and it is the health of the planet that will determine the future of the human race.

We set out to build Symbiome with sustainability as a core tenet.

From ingredients to formulation to packaging, we have sought to minimize our footprint without compromising the quality and efficacy of our products.

Corollary to sustainability is simplicity. One of the most important things we can do is consume less — a principle that informs everything we do as a company.

Intentional Ingredients

All of our plant-derived ingredients are sourced from Brazil using sustainable farming and harvesting practices to protect the integrity and long term viability of the plants. By limiting the total number of individual ingredients in our line of products — we are able to reduce our overall carbon footprint by eliminating all the energy required to harvest, process, procure, and ship unnecessary ingredients. (We’re also decreasing the chance for sensitivities and reactions to arise.)

Think about the difference between a cream with 30 ingredients and The One with only three ingredients — it's a factor of 10x — significantly simplifying the entire supply chain.

Minimal Processes

Our proprietary sustainable processes — Postbiomic™ Fermentation and BioIntact™ Emulsion — allow us to create impactful, nutrient-rich products with extremely low energy consumption. Our unique fermentation process and cold-emulsion formulation preserve the composition and potency of our ingredients, while optimizing the benefits to the skin and minimally impacting the environment.

We are not creating ingredients in labs, we are allowing nature to do it for us.

Considered Packaging

We strive to create packaging from 100% recyclable materials — minimizing the number of components made from plastics and always maximizing the PCR (post consumer recycled) content.

Currently, over 80% of our materials are fully recyclable and we are targeting 100% in three years.

All of our secondary boxes are printed with natural dyes and are made from 100% recycled materials, which are completely recyclable.


As we need to ensure that we continue to protect the lands from which we source — we donate 1% of all sales to the Amazon Conservation Team, a non-profit organization dedicated to conserving the biodiversity of the Amazon and protecting the culture and land of its indigenous people.

Some may think of sustainable or clean beauty as being less effective. Sustainable beauty is really about simplification.

At Symbiome, we understand that we are a product of our environment and our health is tied to the health of the planet. The sooner we make better choices about what we buy and endorse, the more of a positive impact we can have on the world around us.


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